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• EXTREM Company

At Extrem we virtualize and develop all customer expectations and tailor requirements, needs and demands.

We develop new business opportunities that result in added value for our customers. This by itself, drives us to do more and better for our customers.



We Develop and implement focused solutions through our centers of excellence, motivated and supported by the most advanced methodologies and technological solutions.

Our approach is flexible and dynamic, allowing us to develop for the most demanding market requirements.

We provide no-compromise on quality when we develop our customer solutions.

Through a competent, motivated and innovative team, we increase our customer value through the service we provide.

Corporate Responsibility
We abide by our contractual responsibilities before our customers, community and the environment.

We are a group of market leading companies, with drive for integrated business solutions, supported but innovative and experienced teams of professionals, with primary drive to Extrem customers and partners business expectations.

• Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a key factor of the group's culture. We believe that through continuous improvement of all all key processes in the organizational structure and its objectives we can meet the requirements of all the different stakeholders.


• Quality Metrics

Customer Focus

Our business model has been created to deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations, focusing the real objective; customer satisfaction.


Whether we recruit, qualify, train, or develop joint-ventures, our employees are continuously engaged in an on job training cycle. Our team has clear and defined goals, directing the focus on achieving set goals.

Impact on Society

Our Governance follows a set of principles, values and methodologies that actively engage and contribute our local community, where we rigorously comply with the local legislation on environmental procedures and ethics.

Business Results

Through well-defined processes and methods, we focus on the continuous improvement of results in the Enterprise.

We are actively involved in internal/external auditing since 2007.


• Quality Policy

Extreme takes Quality assurance as an important factor of the group's culture, and believes that correct management guidance is based on a spirit of continuous improvement, covering all key processes in the organization, resulting in achievement of set and defined goals.

• History

Extrem was created in 2005, to meet the needs of service provision in the Oil & Gas sector in Angola.

With the growth of the oil sector starting 2008 , new policies were adopted by the local Government in the liberalization of the supply chain of goods and services, creating new opportunities for local companies to grow. We consequently expanded our service offering to three sectors: Logistics, Procurement and Infrastructure.